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May 16, 2012
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Okay.... So after driving myself mad with all these new gel polish's (which I'm very new to, as only offer mani and pedi). I've decided to up my game and I think I've choose to do the opi gelcolor. Can I please have some feedback as this is really important because I'm self employed.. Anyone?
Thank you!!!!!xxx
I'm not trained yet but have had my nails done in gel for the past 6 weeks because I wasnt getting on well with acrylics. I can't vouch for actually applying the product but I love to wear it!

I've had Miami beet which was a divine purple colour, strawberry margarita which is a gorgeous raspberry pink and am now wearing Cajun shrimp! Attached a pic for you - they are a week old and no lifting yet which is great since my nails are so weak.

Opi is a great name to use too - a lot of women know about it! when I finish training I'm defo gonna use opi!


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Love love love OPI gelcolor. Went back to do a lady's nails on Monday whom I hadn't seen for exactly 4 weeks and all nails were perfectly intact! Love the colours too, plus 12 new ones coming out at the end of this month xx


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am also going to invest in the Gelcolor :biggrin:
I am absolutely in love with Gelcolor, altough I had problems with base and top - they just cured completely in bottles, I used them once or twice, so they were fairly new and full. I got new set from the seller, but I am bit nervous since then. But I love the colors, I have just ordered 12 new :) can't wait to get them. Good luck!!
How did you find the training? Was it ok to get the hang off? How much was the kit?
Sorry for all the questions x
I too am thinking of doing this course. My hubby has just been made redundant and gave had too make a choice between the gel or eyelash course. Since the eyelash course is cheaper I'm gonna do this for now but will def be doing the OPI course next. Good luck:)x

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