Help! Brown sticky acrylics?


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Jul 30, 2003
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Hello to all,

I'm really in need of some advice. I've been doing nails for a couple of years now and can say I've never come across this one before. I put a new set of acrylics on a client about 10 days ago. She just called and said that her nails went all brown and sticky. I asked her if they were green and she said no. She explained that she took the nails off herself. I asked if her natural nails were coloured in anyway and she said no. It was just the artificial nail. She said they were grey at first and then went so sticky that things were actually sticking to them. I have to say that she is on a couple different medications for lupus. I am really stumped! I wish I could have seen the nails before she took them off. Can anyone shed a bit more light on the subject. I would be truely grateful.
hi, now lets see. what did you use over the nail. did you use uv30, liquid glass or kapping sealer or any optical enhancer for acrylic as these often go gummy with some sunbed and tanning lotions, even with hairspray!!!! i apply one coat of uv30 and one coat of our never yellow sealer. this helps.

hope that answered it for you

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Hello again,

Thanks for the tip. I used pinnacle acrylic sealer 'Ice' after the treatment and the client also bought some to use regularly. She did say that not long before this happened, she was applying sun block to her children. Could this be the source? I use NSI Classic Acrylic and have never had anything like this happen.
Thanks for the speedy reply!
yeah its the ice thats softening! nothing you've done wrong. what i'd recommend is apply your ice and let it dry and then apply a coat of non yellowing top coat. this should stop it. oh and retail the top coat to your clients to keep the shine

Brilliant, thanks so much!
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