Help! Dark tops of feet with spray tan.

Discussion in 'Skin' started by funkymanda, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. funkymanda
    Hiya everyone i need your help... pretty please!!!!!

    I have been doing spray tans with the same product for a year now and had no problems..... UNTIL i got an extractor and pop up tent, now some not all, people are compaining that the tops or their feet are very dark.....
    I don't spray the feet,just let the overspary fall but i don't understand why it would be happening now?!?!

    Has anyone else had this problem, or can anyone who has a tent an compressor give me any advice.

    Thanks very much
  2. easytan
    I do the fake bake spray and get no problems as I put oil free moisturiser on feet hands and elbows try that and good luckx:)
  3. janeawallace
    Yes i also put barrier cream on feet hands and knees and any dry patches
  4. funkymanda
    So you but barrier cream on the tops of the feet too.......!!!
    But does the spray actually tan the feet... throught the cream???
    I only use barrier cream on the palms of the hand and finger and toe nails and tell the client to put loads of moisturiser on the whole of the body the night before.
    What barrier creams do you use?
    Thanks for your comments
  5. Angelaznailz
    I used to use an Iwata compressor and spray gun and got the problem you have - too dark on some areas and, in my case using quite a lot of product. I wasn't totally confident with the system.
    However, I've had no problems since I got a HVLP machine - Nuress, which came with my Tantrick course (although I can still use Fake Bake with it!) The machine blows out a finer mist and the lotion dries quicker and doesn't 'pool' as it used to. Also, it's alot more natural around the feet and wrist areas. And best of all........ not half the overspray and mess of my last machine. I haven't looked back........:)
  6. Spray 2 Go
    Good to hear you are having better results now Angela, a good combination of training, machine and solution will allow you to give better tans to your clients who in turn will then recommend you to their friends and family.

  7. Spray 2 Go
    Hi Amanda

    It may be that with the introduction of a tent the spraying area is darker so you are not used to spraying in the reduced light??? It may also be that the filtration unit you are using is drawing the solution down to the bottom level of the tent prior to sucking it into the filter. . . you may want to place a towel over the feet until such time you need to actually spray over them and then this should result in evenly sprayed feet :lol:.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Mandy x
  8. posh totty
    Hi, I had this problem and really panicked over it and it took my fiance of all people (when I sprayed him) to point out that the tent really was too dark... so I have a clamp 'day light' light fixed to the tent but will have to purchase another one so I have one at the top of the tent & one at the bottom just to be on the safe side ...hope this helps xx.
  9. collin
    good solution you have there to this common problem...just from an electrical safety point of view I hope you have used waterproof grade light fittings (fittings suitable for the bathroom are perfect) and that some sort of safety device is fitted to the plugtop (I.E. a RCD) as this would be classed as an electrical hazard area and would legaly and from a safety point of view require additional safety devices fitted to the supply.
    Just a thought as better to be safe than sorry ;0)
  10. collin
    I just accured to me that under the health and safety electricity at work act perspective as well as insurance issues all Spraytan machines (or any item that simply plugs into a socket that you have in your salon) does need to be tested and certified at least once per year from a certified electrician who will fully test and certify the electrical integrity (safety) of your machine/equipment.
    This is a legal requirement and also makes complete sence as both you and your customers safety are at risk .

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