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Aug 8, 2007
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Hi. I have run a very succesful nail salon from home for the past twelve years and am about to open my first shop in a months time but am struggling to get any good nail techs! The only applicants I've had are college leavers and I already have a junior. What I need is an experienced sculptor. Does anyone have any ideas??? I have advertised in the local newspaper.
Thanks, Julie
You could try the local job centre/recruitment agencies or advertise directly through the company who's products you use, I believe Creative have (or at least used to have) a board up with job vacancies for nail techs in the area. You could always post an ad in the recruitment section on this site. Have you tried just putting a sign up in the window? You never know who's passing, word might get around.
You could also put your request in the Job Postings section of GeekBay.
Thank you for your ideas girls, much appreciated X
Good/skilled/experienced techs are worth their weight in gold! It may be worth remembering that when you advertise or whatever & what pay you are offering.

Remember that someone who has all the above qualities can probably & is probably earning a lot of money, something worth considering when advertising for staff?

Are you going to pay an hourly rate or rent a chair?

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