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Apr 23, 2012
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North wales
Hi i'm wanting to get into nails and looking for a nail course,have no experience so starting from scratch.My local college does not offer courses just for nails so have been looking at other options but not sure what courses are going to give me proper training and quilfications.I'm looking to do manicures and pedicures and go on to do nail art etc.I came across The Carlton Insitute which offers NVQ courses but not sure about the length of the courses but have found many that are the same.Has any one trained with them or done simlar courses? Any advice would be a great help :)
Check what brands do training in your area, that way you can start out with a decent quality product which will make your training so much easier. Also it will save you the expense of forking out for a conversion class at a later date as you would already be using a known brand rather than a generic bog standard product.
Also if you use the search facility along the top and type in carlton institute you can find loads and loads of reviews for the Carlton.

Hi would suggest you read the thread below 'how did you pay for CND course?' there is an awful lot of information on there from many geeks! It might help you decide. I'm sorry can't put link up as i am on phone ;)
I'm just coming to the end of my course now and while I love my tutors and college I know I want to do some form of conversion course with a brand when I finish. So although the college course was only option for me at time in some ways I wish id found salon geek before I started as the advice on these things is amazing and think i'd suggest starting from scratch with a company like CND.
I would have done if I knew at time and was able to.
Good luck xx
Thank you so much,i will have a look at the link and look into CND more and hopefully find what i'm looking for :)
There a young nail training academy in Llandudno North Wales x

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