help needed with pamper party pricelist!


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Oct 8, 2005
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nelson, lancashire
hiya peeps.

ive just decided my pricelist needs changing around a bit before i print more off. im particularly not happy with my pamper party page. at the minute it is as follows:-

" pamper parties are a great way to relax and have a girlie night in with a group of friends in the comfort of your own home.

if you and your girlies pick 5 or more treatments in total at a pamper party 10% discount is given on the total price for the party

call now for more information and to book your party! "

at the partys ive done recently they have been going on for way too long because people have been having enhancements and full facials etc so i was thinking about putting together a list specially for the partys, where the treatment time is shorter. is this a good idea?

also i was thinking of getting rid of the 10% discount because my prices are relatively cheap anyway and introducing a goodie bag for the hostess instead with an oil, mini enamel and voucher in. or instead of 10% off the total price of the party give the hostess 10% off her treatments, sound any good?

the pamper party pricelist ive got together is:-

express mani £10
express pedi £12
file and polish £6
mini facial £10
foot and leg massage £6
tinting prices vary (patch test required)
waxing prices vary

would it be good to include a minimum number of people and each person chooses a treatment off the list to have?

also thought of putting in a "partys can be tailored to suit your requirements" bit

its the wording of it all which is most hard for me

would be really helpfull if people could post back

thanks x
You need to work out how long you want to be at the clients house for a pamper party,
if there are 6 people and they each have 2x 15 Min's treatments each, that means you are going to be there for 3hrs, so you need to limit the amount of clients and let them know how many 15 min treatments they can have each,
forget the 10% off for everyone,
pamper bag and 10% off for hostess only, this will encourage the others to book an evening at theirs,
also ask the host to give you a list of who wants what treatments on the night (before the party) and explain that they can not change their minds, that way you know exactly what to take with you and are not carrying things unnecessarily,
no nail enhancements at pamper parties unless it is for just 2 friends getting together,
thanks for the reply, there must be some other geeks out there who can post back in relation to pamper parties?

thanks x
I do pamper parties. I usually do 5 girls and they all have an hour each so it makes for quite a long day but they seem to enjoy it

The host usually provides lunch and drinks and they sit and gossip all day!

I have 2 manicures and 2 pedicures that i offer that are all an hour so they choose which one they want on the day and I just take stuff for all of them with me!
I do pamper parties and offer
Mini Manicure
Mini Pedicure
Mini facial
Indian Head Massage
Back, Neck Shoulder Massage
All treatments are 30 minutes and all are £15
That way I know exactly how long I am going to be there, and know how much
If I have more thatn I can cope with, like next weekend there are 12 of them, I take someone with me to cut the time in half.
I make sure at least a couple of days beforehand what treatmetns I am doing so I know what equipment to take.
I also tell the client that I can do full price treatments at the party if they wish, such as tinting, waxing, spray tans.

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