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Apr 26, 2003
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hi girls and guys.......
rite u all know ive been dithering about my business name for weeks now, well i thought i had it, SUNsation'NAILS but this morning im having doubts...the reason for this being, i want to appeal to men aswell for my sunbed side and i think having NAILS in there may be off putting to men, get where im coming from, so i was thinking of going back to what i originally called myself, SUNburst Tanning & Nail Studio.......or SUNsational'Tanning & Nail Studio.......what do u think? ive not had my stationary printed up yet as i have to wait till bt have connected my phone line which is the 25th july, they cant guarantee me the telephone number till its connected.......good job really aint it the rate i change my mind.....vicx
mmmmmm difficult to be honest vic i dont think male cleints will make up a very big part of your cleint base, men dont like to be spotted going in to salons as a rule! not much help i know! maybe im wrong but i think a poster maybe in the window offering discounts on male and female services (get a pic of some hunky blokey so its apparent to the guys that they are welcome too!) as a promotional opening offer may be far better than changing your name! (i was just going to say a speacial offer for the blokeys but i guess that is discriminating!)
nickki jonesx
its the sunbeds that will appeal to men, but i think having nails in my name may put them off...vicx
I think you`re worrying too much, if men want a tan, they`ll come in anyway. Women are going to be your biggest client so just go with what you want rather than worry about the men, you can always look at promotional ways to drag men in kicking and screaming and once there, they`ll return
mmmmmm i am a worrier....

so u all like SUNsation'NAILS and not SUNburst.........Vicx
I like SUNsationNails and SUNsation, I too am a worrier so I know where you`re coming from but you really need to chill a bit more, it`ll be great. Once you`ve started you`ll wonder what you ever worried about
Debs right vic dont worry about the men! women will be your number one cleintelle! and the names fab dont panic!
men will come in anyway,at salon i work in men come in for sunbed and the place is called absoulte beauty so i would not worry about name to much
went twice for some reason lol
ok thanks girls, i was just panicing over if ive not got enough to panic over lol.....its all good fun getting into around £20k debt to do nails and tanning...
vicx :D
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