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Aug 24, 2010
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west sussex
i dont know what 2 do next??? ive been using revlon 1002 4 ages but ran out was recomended wella 12/62 i think?? anyway it went bright pink phoned technical support they said use bleach and water it went bright orange they then said do a bleach bath which has left me yellow so i thought after all this i would just test a toner guess what really really grey i just want 2 be blonde again :cry: :cry:
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Oh God, I'd be devastated if this happened to me!!

I'm no hair geek, but my advice is to get yourself booked into a good Salon ASAP and stop trying to fix it yourself... you'll have no hair left!!
the thing is im a hairdresser :cry:
Oh no, that's even worse... sorry I wasn't sure if you were or not.

I hope someone can help you on here (sorry I'm no use to you)
Definitely need to use treatments regularly! Just tone it over and use the silver shampoo lol
Toning over hair that is already grey/blued out is going to make it worse.:eek:

What you are missing is warmth to 'bond' a toner to. Toners will not hold in an empty hair shaft.

Clarify/bath your hair to get out as much of the cool tone as possible....pale yellow is what you want. I would then two step process with semi/demi.....first get to a natural 10.....then use the desired toner...if you skip steps, the color woll not hold.

Do deep treats in between if the hair is porous or dry.

good luck...:green:
hi again i only tested the toner on a small bit at the back of my head im still yellow??? :lol: