help polish not adhering after new fabric full set!!


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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
I have just applied a fabric set of french nails to a client and then she wanted polish!! i used solar oil to finish my treatment and then scrubfreshes stickey base coat then applied a creative polish in purlple but it just woulsnt go on right. now i know its been warm but what can anyone thinkl is the problem???
ps I have done THREE whole sets this week wooohooo
Hi, i don't know if its different when using fabric# system, but i was always taught to put the cuticle oil on after you've done the nail polish otherwise you are putting on an oily base on the nail which surely will make the pollish slide off in effect.

I find also if you wait a little while after polish has dried slightly, then apply your oil it helps the polish to dry better.

I could be totally wrong but you never know, give it ago.
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