HELP! Should I work as mobile therapist while pregnant?


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May 19, 2010
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Hi all I am 6 weeks pregnant and work as a mobile massage/beauty therapist, which means lugging around a table and bags, and just general tiredness involved with body work.
Now I have told my boss and she was all supportive at the start but she keeps piling the work on me, I so far have 10 treatments this weeks, 5 massages in one day! My doctor doesnt approve of me doing this but I wanted the opinions of some therapists who have been through this themselves. Is it safe? I do not want to put my bub in danger.
Any replies will be much appreciated :)
I too would like to know what is and isn't considered safe for a pregnant therapist both mobile and salon based? I personally don't think you should be doing that much massage when pregnant it's too much. When doing your mobile could you not cut down the treatments you offer to ones when you don't need a table. How a out telling them that you can't carry the bed anymore but if they are will in to get it in doors for you then you can do them treatments. Could your doctor write you a letter to your employer telling them your work limits and requirements? X
Unfortunately most of the jobs we do are massages and facials which need the table. I did actually bring up about having someone take in the table for me but the boss wasnt keen, didnt want them to have to work :irked:
But yeah I really think 5 is too much aswell, I'm so frustrated because my boss just doesn't listen! So i'm going to the doctor on tuesday to see what he says, and a letter is a brilliant idea!:)
O you work mobile for someone ? Well carrying a table about is going to damage you this is not fair. What treatments does she do if any? Don't put yourself at risk for the sake of her. X
If you are employed (this is in the uk anyway so not sure about elsewhere) it is your employers duty to perform a risk assessment of your job and change it if necessary to ensure it is safe for you to continue to do so while pregnant.
Is there any law protecting women through pregnancy in australi? Perhaps yo could look and see as that should help for a start with your employer.

With regards to the lifting, the main concern is not that it will harm your baby but yourself actually. When you are pregnant the muscles in your body are a little more relaxed in preparation for the birth (from the beginning of pregnancy until 6 months after birth!) and therefore you are more at risk of pulling a muscle/ spraining or hurting yourself.
As the pregnancy progresses and you get larger you also have a shift in your center of gravity and it will be more difficult to carry things with a bump and you are more at risk of falling- which is then more dangerous for both yourself and baby.

Hope this helps you both a little and your pregnancy progresses well, congratulations!
You poor thing, if your doctor is not happy then you shouldn't be doing it. It's not worth the risk in my opinion. As others have said get a letter for your employer, do they not have a salon you can work from? This is a difficult one. Congratulations though x
Thanks everyone! Unfortunately at this point there is no salon, it is purely mobile. It's good to know that lifting is more harmful to me than bub!
I haven't heard anything about risk assessments over here but it makes sense and I will look into it!

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