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Jan 30, 2003
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I am taking over my coworkers clientele while she goes on maternity leave. My problem is that this nailtech has been doing nails for over 10 yrs.and she has a large clientele> I on the other hand have only been doing nails for about 3yrs and i am still trying to buildup my business. My dilemma is that I dont agree with alot of this techs business practices for example the majority of her acrylic clients have the greenies,and instead of making them soak off their nails and treating the problem she tells them not to worry about it its nothing. She has also told me that for alot of her acrylic clients I can just glue them instead of filing their nails. I dont conduct myself in this manner,and i have had a hard time building my business and her book is full.How do i handle her clients without causing problems. thanks for your help! :?
How can you do worse than her?

If many of her clients are experiencing greenies, than your work is going to speak (if not scream) for itself.
Don't try to copy what she has done... instead do what you do best on them... beautiful, greenless nails ;)
if you`re taking over, then you do your job, when she comes back they`ll know who they`ll want to stick with. Just don`t lower your standards because she did. You`re already a better technician and you know it. Don`t stress over it, enjoy it
Hi ya babe my tought on this is...................

You can shine as a true professional and show them your stuff, I bet they will stay with you for good...................
So dont stress, impress...............

Love Ruth xxxx
Nailsinlondon1 said:
So dont stress, impress...............
Love Ruth xxxx

Yee Haa Ruthy - LOVE IT!!!! :thumbsup: :queen: :salute:
Thank You all for your words of wisdom, I appreciate your help :D
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