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Are you covered by insurance against injury or illness???

  • Yes!

    Votes: 42 51.2%
  • No!

    Votes: 40 48.8%
  • It may never happen so ... why bother?

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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Jan 12, 2003
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Benissa, Costa Blanca, Spain
We all use our hands to make a living. You could say our hands are our living!

What would you do if you broke your arm or collarbone or fingers or had some other type of injury that prevented you from carrying out your work for a number of weeks or even permanently? What if illness forced you out of the salon for some weeks?

Years ago my husband took out an insurance for me in case of injury and although , thank goodness, I never needed to use it, I always new I would carry on receiving an income even if I were out of the salon and unable to work.

Maybe we should all look into this and compare notes on prices from different insurances. I think it is very important to look at this if you have not already done so.

So the question is ... Are you covered or aren't you, or don't you think it is necessary?
This is something I`ve thought about but never done anything about it, mainly because I have very little faith in insurance. I have what I need but god forbid I ever need to claim for anything I often wonder if it`ll let me down.
I had insurance before on credit cards and such where, if you were out of work for whatever reason, then your payments were made for you.
What they didn`t say was, you had to be signing for unemployment benefit to be covered for payments.
With my children being little and being a single parent, I didn`t have to sign on for unemployment, therefore I couldn`t get my payments paid for me.
I have absolutely no faith in insurance whatsoever, and I think to fully understand any insurance policy you need an insurance degree, so like I said, I just hope I never need to make a claim on any of the insurance I know I have to have
Seeing a client out of my salon, managed to trap my pinky in the door (don't ask me how, rushing as usual!) OUCH! but although it was throbbing I carried on. When I found I couldn't straighten it out I knew I'd damaged it. The tendon had come away from the bone which also had a small fracture & needed a plastercast! So there I was with my pinky in plaster for 4 weeks.

The moral of the story was that straight after that I got myself insured & still am. I carried on working but man was it uncomfortable. When the cast came off my pinky remained firmly in the air I was so used to keeping it out of the way LOL!!

Happy New Year to everyone!
So how much does this insurance cost roughly?? And how much do you get back in return if you were to claim??
by eck - wish i'd taken some out. As a few of you know I broke my scaphoid bone 3 weeks ago & still in a cast now. My saving grace is that this is not my main income, but it's making me look into insurance and I will be sorting some out very soon...hopefully through the ANT if possible..will let you know what the costs are like...
i broke my hand just before christmas, and it really makes you think about how you would manage if you were very busy and relied solely on your income from nails, i am at the moment looking for the best cover i can get so if anyone has any information pass it on please.
I have to vote no on this one but this is because I have no choice. There is no company in Ireland that will insure me as a nail tech but there are many that will insure salons or beauticians and because I am neither there is nothing I can do. ANT is looking into insuring Southern Ireland but god knows how long that will take:mad:
i am insured i got it throught my bank when i set up in business ,it covers accident and illness,also if you stay in hospital,it is only something like £7.95 a month so it aint that bad ,just hope i never need it ,
I don't think I am covered by my insurance for accident or injury! Which is ridiculous of me really to say that I go kickboxing 3 times a week!

I keep saying I will get it, because if I break or sprain my arm then I will be in the poop! But I really should sort it out, otherwise it could be one of those situations where something happens and I wish I had it! :|
nailtech said:
When the cast came off my pinky remained firmly in the air I was so used to keeping it out of the way LOL!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: - sorry, but I can't help but think of the term "posh pinky" (like delicate ladies drinking tea at elevenses!), do you still have your "posh pinky"? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I didn't take out the insurance last year as this was not my main source of income, however, as I am looking to become a full time nail tek in the near future, I will definitely take it out when I renew.
I am just sorting my insurance out now as i am a mobile tech and will work part-time in a salon shortly. I got my ino from the show at olympia. Professional Beauty Direct do a good insurance policy and it covers you if you are just into nails or are a beauty tech as well, its onlly about £45 a year which includes public liability as well.

As i'm only part time this is sufficient for me, but if anyone knows of better cover please let me know.:idea:
We tried to sort out insurance last year that covered injury to hands - we had a visit from a Lloyds Bank insurance advisor - who then informed us that we would not be able to insure specific parts of us - only hospital and illness which pays out a piffling amount.

Im sure certain celebs and sportsmen can do this but I fear it may be an extortionate amount which they and not us can afford.

Oh well the outcome of that meeting is I now have a private pension!!!

Heidi :eek:
Definitely. Okay, I'm a secretary at present, but am still covered against critical illness for "Own occupation". So basically, if anything happens which means I can't carry out my secretarial duties, then they will pay out. For instance, if a person who teaches sign language loses three fingers for arguments stake, if he/she were covered on "Works Tasks" then they may not pay out, because although he/she can no longer do a job teaching sign language, he or she may still be able to do a job sweeping up. I used to be PA to a Mortgage Consultant, and part of our job was to obtain policies for our clients.

"There has been much publicity about Critical Illness policies failing to honour claims. Often, these are due to the definition of what constitutes the policyholder's occupation. We strongly advise the use of 'Own Occupation' clauses in policies, which should ensure that a claim will be valid if the policyholder is unable to perform his/her current occupation"

Most definitely get critical illness cover. I pay £11 per month for mine and it's well worth it.

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