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Jan 9, 2003
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Hi everyone! I'm still here...Lurking when I can. This mommy stuff is really time consuming but I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Just thought I'd post a recent pic...This was after Ben's very first official "Tub Bath".

I'm hoping to find more time soon to contribute something here besides pictures of my gorgeous boy... :sunny: But for now, you'll all have to bare with me ;)
Hi Pattie
That boy is a dream I wont one :D,
Glad to hear that you are doing well enjoy as much as you can of the first few years.......boy do they grow up quick :shock:
Keep posting the pics they are a pleasure to look at.
Take care
Love Dawnie xx
gorgeous, gorgeous Patti!!! :D
I WANT ONE I WANT ONE I WANT ONE!! Ok..not yet...maybe I just want to hold one... :( My bloke gets paranoid if I even look at a baby!

You have a goooorgeous baby Pattie...u lucky gal!! Give him an extra hug for me ;) ;)

i just have to say you have a cutie there, layla my other half is the same gets paranoid if i even say baby :D
i will have one soon seems my brother beat me to it and my niece is nearly two so yeh they do grow up quick.
i just enjoying my career at the moment babies will be later as my mum says "puppys and kittens not booties and mittens" aint that right mummy(aka nailsinlondon1).
love faye xx
ps he is just sooooooooo cute :flower:
Yep Faye thats right,
anyway I cant afford another Grandchild just yet.

But my oh my aint he just so cute........................
A little heartbreaker in the making
love Ruth
:) Brings back many good memories. My youngest is now 8 years old. Her birthday was today.
Your baby is so precious. An Angel. Enjoy this beautiful time in your life.

he is beautiful and i bet he will break a few hearts when he's older
He is perfect. Cherish every moment. I could not imagine my life without experiencing motherhood. It changes ya.
I just have to post a pic of my sweet baby too! lol

And I still want to snuggle this boy and kiss his yummy cheeks! lol
He is even more yummy than a double chocolate gateaux!!!!! What a truly gorgeous baby although I'm a little bit biased and have to say that my baby is the best!!!! :D Just kidding! It's Mother's Day here and as it's my first one I'm feeling a little bit emotional :(

Make the most of every minute Patti and treasure each and every gurgle he makes.
You guys are all so sweet! Thanks for agreeing with me about how gorgeous my boy is ;)

You've got yourself a cutie there too, Ms. Christie! You're gonna be chasing girls away soon if you aren't already! :shock:

Ya know what, I think my Ben may be even cuter today than he was yesterday.... :thumbsup:
If I knew how to post pics on here I`d show you my babies, well, not so much babies any more but MY babies all the same. Youngest is 20 next month
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