Hi, New here and have a few waxing questions


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Oct 16, 2007
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East Hampton
I'm halfway through my waxing course and would like some info if I may.
I live in New York, and I noticed a lot of the posters here are from the UK I'm sure a lot of the techniques and contra-indications and experiences are the same.

I plan to go mobile but also booth rent for those clients that are uncomfortable with the idea of me going to their location.

Where can I get waxing supplies at a decent price or at least good quality items worth paying for.

And what is it like doing your very first client?

Thanks for your imput. Of course I'll have more questions as time goes on.

Welcome to the site!

I used my friends and family to practice on before i had my 1st proper payin client so i was ok with doing it.

I use Clean + Easy products Index but i have never tried any others so they could be loads out there that are just as good or even better.


welcome kla to our geeky gang...you will not be disopponted with joining us....sorry hun no NOTHING about waxing just wanted to welcome you xxxx:hug:

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