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May 9, 2010
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Hi there, just wanting if any one can help me, am thinking of getting hair extentions the glue in ones am just a bit concerned because my hair is quite fine am just worried that you will be eble to see all the bonds. As there going to be about £500 i wanna make sure i dont regret it.
any advise would be great thanks guys XxX
Hi Blondee,

With fine hair clients i would suggest a half head of extension to start with . it can be experimental for you and the extension technition to find out how comfortable you are with the placement of extensions as in how far forward round the hair line and how high up the back of the head. With very fine hair i tend to use around 60 extensions and never come up past the occipital bone ( where you feel the skull move outwards at the back) and this prevents any poking out. after first application if myself and client feel more can be added then i do so or if one is placed and cant be hidden i would either remove it straight away or the client gives a few days to drop.
As always when reseaching a suitable hair extension technition, go for someone fully qualifed in all aspects of hair dressing and make sure you see there portfolio of work which should show a wide variety of hair types and looks.
There should also be a pre consultation with no obligation.
With fine hair and half head your costings should also be lower tthan the £500 mark.

Sian x

Im a hairdresser but have not done my training in hair extensions yet so can just tell you from what i have learnt after 5 years of wearing hair extensions myself,i prefer pre bonded extensions as i found the bonds to be smaller and not shed as much as well as lasting longer,i am a fan of cinderella-just my own personal experience.

x :D
Your chosen hair extension technician should be able to decide that with you,thats 1 of the reasons we do a consultation
I also have incredibly fine hair but wear extensions most of the time.
I would probably be more tempted to go for shrinkies as the bonds are smaller and less obvious, and are also kinder to your hair.
What type of hair is it that they are using, as for £500 you should be looking at European etc.
Ask lots of questions at your consultation (which should be free of charge) and make sure you know what type of hair it is. Also ask their advice on fitting methods as fusion (glue) is not right for everyone.
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