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chocolate said:
Thats another saying im gonna use, I love it, short cuts make long delays! How true! The other one you taught me Gigi is "sculpt with your brush, not with your file" i remember that from 11 years ago! Sorry, a bit off the thread here! you know me, SCATTY!

Oh Rachael, that does take me back!! Just shows as a teacher how your words are remembered eh?? I still remember an american teacher who was teaching us with a fibre wrap system called Natural Glass (doesn't exist any more -- good system too and a great teacher). I can Still hear her voice as she said " Remember to BURP your Battle"
of course she was saying 'bottle' but in a mid western twang. Burp your battle!! We all laughed (nicely) along with her and left the room chanting Burp your battle!!
Oh thats so funny..................but hey I was taught the same way "burp ya battle" and get to resin control "squeeze and tease" lol bless..............
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