HMRC business course in Oxford?


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Mar 27, 2011
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south east
Has anyone done the HMRC business course in Oxford? I'm booked on it but I'm starting to worry about finding parking and getting to the venue as I don't know Oxford very well :eek: On the email I received it says parking is very limited so I will have to park in a different car park and then walk to the venue but I'm useless with directions :Scared:
Hi PinkCouture

I live around that area, so if you tell me where the course is I may be able to help with parking etc.

Thank you that is so helpful! The course is at HMRC Trinity House, Oxford Business Park South. Hopefully that means something to you :biggrin: I will be coming into Oxford from the M40 from London way.x
Also could you advise on where to park as well, They recommend cowley centre but obviously I don't know where this is :Scared:
Hi hun

If i was you, there is a retail park in walking distance of Trinity House and you can park there for free. There is a Next, M&S and big Tescos there. The postcode is OX4 6XJ (postcode for Next).

Once you park up either by Tesco or Next, you walk out of the Retail Park and cross over the Roundabout towards Cowley, you should see a Premier Inn on your right hand side, (you could perhaps also try to get away with parking in there).

If you cross over to the same side as the Premier Inn, you go right (at the roundabout) into Oxford Business Park South.

Hope that makes sense.

Sorry, you need to be on the opposite side of the Premier Inn and go left at the roundabout!

I'm so scared lol I hate being out of my comfort zone. Thanks for the tip about parking, is it a long walk from the retail park to the business park?
It's only 10 minutes/0.5 miles.

In the map, you will be starting at B and walking to A.

I know what you mean, I feel the same when I go off on training courses etc.

It's really easy to find, once you come off the M40. Will you be using a Sat Nav?

I don't have a sat nav so it might be an idea to get hold of one. Thank you so much for the help, I feel a bit better now :lol: wish someone else was coming on the course with me though!

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