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Feb 16, 2004
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Dublin, Ireland
Hay guys,

Does anyone know where I can get a hole punch that can be used on nail tips. I would like one maybe that doesnt punch circles more like hearts or stars, there was a thread on this before but I cant find it
I didn't realise you could do this, that would be so good ina set of tips. I suppose that's why you can, anyone got a pic to show an example??
Only example i could find. But gives you the idea (I hope)


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Linda, I used to have a couple of these a few years ago and nobody wanted the cut outs. Also, if you use Trans Design, watch their shipping costs - I got stung by them once before!

Thanks Lesley, i had a feeling it was along those lines but its better to see in the flesh so to speak. Didn't want to get the wrong idea....lol.

Certainly a specialized idea, i woudn't have thought everyone would want it, but definately something to do if an unusual design wanted.
i'm sure i've seen them in either nail order or NSI
I bought one only this week from NSI, they do loads of different shapes and are quite cool.
Only problem is you need to pre-determine how long the tip will be and punch it before applying it as once tip is on the nail unless your client wants nails extremely long then you can`t punch shape. I also find it quite fiddly using as most tips have a rounded shape but the punch doesn`t
NSI are doing them they were featured in there latest little booklet.

Jenny :biggrin:
could you use these hole punches to create your own stencils?

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