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Aug 24, 2015
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Hi guys this is random but I'm currently hotel searching for next year. Me and my partner are in our 20s and looking for a nice, all inclusive preferably 4/5 star hotel in say spain, Portugal or somewhere?! For June time next year. I've been looking for agessssss and all the ones I look at have terrible reviews! If anyone has any good recommendations would be much appreciated :)
We've just booked Cape Verde it's 6 hours away and the nearest hospital if you become injured if a helicopter ride to Portugal we are paying quiet a bit because we are going January and only just booked it but look nice and got good reviews x
Wow haha I knew it was a small place but no hospital!?! Lol x
Would you consider Corfu?

Less than 3hrs flight time, lovely staff, fab food, lots of sea view rooms with balconies overlooking the pools and sea across to Albanian hills ... We went in July, I could completely recommend.

Delightful Corfu town is minutes away by taxi (about €6)

So exciting planning next years hols, love to have something to look forward to
Yes would consider Corfu it's just picking and finding a nice hotel!
The one where we stayed (above) is the Louis Kerkyra Golf at Alykes if that helps - hope you find somewhere nice
Thanks I will look it up!
Try first choice web sight they are a little more than the cheaper ones but the hotels are usually good quality. They only do all inclusive xxx

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