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Sep 12, 2007
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HI Everyone

I realise that there are a number of threads to do with certain aspects of home based salons but none are really clear enough to me, so am posting a separate one.

I am starting up my own home based nail salon (myself as the only tech, Creative trained). I have a name which I am registering, I have checked out with Council and Mortgage Company and Home Insurance. I also have MSDS forms. And I have accounts sorted, flyers and a website etc. I have also visited the BUsiness link website, but to be honest they send you soooo many leaflets it's all getting a bit confusing.

Does anyone know:

a) What aspects of Health & Safety I have to cover? I have a sink close by and I have a first aid box and MSDS forms. Is there anything else? Do I have to have a no smoking sign? etc....

b) Do I have to have Health & Safety round for an inspection. Or as the business is so small, it's something I cover myself?

c) if there is anything else I have missed out on doing?

Thanks so much guys, your help's really appreciated.

Hi, I have just had my home salon inspected, I was told that as I had a seperate entrance it was classed as business prmises and so had to have all the usual stuff any other salon would have to have - that is fire ext, accident book, no smoking signs, elecs inspected, a sink, msds sheets etc. The inspector told me that I wouldnt of needed to do any of this if I had stayed put in my conserv as it woulnt be classed as business premises and so not their juristriction. (basically they cannot enforce it if its not 'business' premises )HTHs:hug:
Thanks so much for your reply. My salon will be part of my Study on the ground floor not through a separate entrance. So it looks hopeful that I won't have to do anything? Do you know who I need to contact to check this out?

Thanks so much again.


You should check with your local Council's planning department as regulations vary from region to region. The planning department is usually very helpful.
So I'm hoping that apart from contacting them for the H&S side of things, is there anything that I've missed before I can go ahead with this?

It's fair enough people sending leaflets but it's always better to hear from people who actually do this!

Thanks everyone for your help.

L-J xx

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