Honey or Cream Wax Which do you Prefer?


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Dec 6, 2007
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Im using APRETIQUE Vanilla Creme wax at home and i really love it as you only need a thin application and i adore working with a room scented of vanilla i feel it makes the treatment better for the client.
At the salon we use Salon Systems Honey warm wax and i hate it i find its soo sticky and you end up using quite a lot too. Is all warm waxes like this as oposed to creame wax or maybe its just ones that are Honey wax?
Suggestions would much be apreciated on what brands and types you use
No, it's just that it's a cheap honey wax. Stick with the cream wax that you like or try some other brands. My wax of choice is Perron Rigot.

By the way, warm waxes are strip wax and hot/hard waxes are non strip waxes. xxx
How many would you say is a resonable amount to spend on a wax pot. I know the salon system one she uses is on a 3 for the price of two offer but it really isnt worth it-so tacky and i think the fact its honey may have something to do with it.
Creme wax wih a scent i think is nice for clients too
A 3 for 2 offer might be available now but I doubt that will be a long term thing. Salon Systems is a fairly mid priced wax, there are cheaper and there are more expensive.
I have a feeling Appretique is cheaper than Salon Systems. But if your preference is cream wax then even if you had the most expensive honey wax you may not like it.

If the honey wax seems sticky, and appears to be going on too thickly, is it hot enough?
Yeah because we have the temperature on 3 1/2 using wax hive heater any higher clients find it hot its £3.29 per pot apretique
If you work for someone else and do waxing on a small scale, then just find the best of the cheapest cream wax. If like me, you specialise in waxing, then find yourself a really good wax that is good to use, your clients love and you think is worth the money. Try out different waxes and have a play.
i use both

but i prefer honey wax, i am using oritree wax at the moment
I think its personal preference really. I trained using creme wax, but now use honey wax which I do prefer.

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