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Jul 24, 2003
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Devon England

Hi Ladies!

Just a quick update for those that asked for it....

I made a decision on the college/creative dilemma :?

I am due to start the 4 day foundation with Creative in Torquay on August 11th. I cancelled college for various reasons - I won't go into them - too boring !

So now...I need advice (Don't worry - I won't plague the board that much!)

As we are to dress 'appropriately', do you think it would be okay to wear a tunic or would this be seen as a bit...hmmm...can't think of the word...it's just I don't really want to wreck my own clothes! (Not that I'm planning on tipping product all over myself - but, first day nerves and all that.... ;) )
Also...what's the photo for? Oh.. and do I have to get insurance before the course? (only asking 'cause there is a section of text about insurance right before the bit about working on each others nails)
Lastly...do you have to take the same model on day 4 as you take on day 3?

The ambassador is Lynne Darling - anyone know her?

Right - I'll stop waffling :oops:
Thanks again Ladies for all your recent help-it is really appreciated
If it helps, I have just been on a four day foundation course with Lynne Darling and Katrine Kneebone in Plymouth. Yes, she was arranging dates in Torquay, I know this because that would have been nearer.

She is really helpful, so do ring the tel no they will send for her and leave a message, she does call back and was really helpful.

I was told it needed to be the same nail model days 3 and 4 (I think) as you are assessed on the rebalance. As another lady said, they give you the insurance form on day one to be completed day 4 so that you can practise.

I loved the course, found it great, teachers enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Am now 2 weeks away from rebalance, day four and am really pleased with how I am developing with the nail model, it is like driving you do the course pass the test and then learn!!!

Devon is really badly off for nail tutors, so I am sure you will be happy - I am very glad that I chose this course, having researched many.

By the way, you pay the rest to Lynne either before the course (by cheque) or on teh day.

Have fun, feel free to ask more questions - I asked loads before. You should be getting confirmation from Lynne in Post, we did!

As we are to dress 'appropriately', do you think it would be okay to wear a tunic

Hiya newbie and congratulations on picking Creative - you won't be sorry!
As for the tunic - why not, it shows professionalism.

what's the photo for? Oh.. and do I have to get insurance before the course?

The academy will keep this on file - I think it is for them to identify you when you go and purchase products, ie. you can't send Master Bloggs (unless of course he looks like you :shock: ). I don't think you have to worry about insurance initially, as I think whilst you are on the academy's premises, you should be covered by theirs. However, if you plan to practise on other people you may like to consider having cover....just in case. I think you will find that most of the beauty insurers will have a Student package.

As for your model on day 4.........I believe this is your examination day, in which case you will definitely need your model.

As you can see, my info is made up from alot of 'thinks' and 'maybes'!!!! If you've any worries, either phone Leeds HO or the academy you're going to attend. Everyone is lovely, so don't feel silly about asking.

All the best
Ok I'll try to help... here goes...

I did my foundation in May at Essex, I'm working right through the whole course through to Masters in Nov. so I'm at the academy a few days each month.

At Essex you can wear your own clothes but they must be black or white, a few of the girls were wearing salon whites, both those that were already working in salons and new techs - so dont be shy, if you want to wear whites go ahead!

Insurance - you'll get a form for the insurance within your pack when you begin the course... You have to be certificated in order to get insurance, and Creative will not issue your certificate until you have insurance... catch 22? yes... so what Creative ask is that you give them a cheque and the completed form and they send it off for you.

Model - No the model for day 4 doesn't have to be the same as on day 3... BUT they must have enhancements on which need rebalancing... my model was the same one as on day 3 but she has a young baby and had removed/lost all but three of the nails, the tutor was happy for me just to rebalance those three nails.... another of the girls' model had lost all her nails, she just reapplied tips/product to a few nails.... another girl's model couldn't make it at the last minute so she rebalanced her own nails.... The tutors are really flexible and helpful so dont worry too much... Just enjoy!

Once you've dont the foundation you'll be hooked!

I strongly recommend a one2one after the foundation.... I was left feeling a little deflated after mine, before the course began I was really buoyed up 'I'll be able to do this... and that...' but when it finished I was like 'erm... CAN i do this!?! :shock: ?!?' the one2one really restored my faith in myself, now I've taken on space on a busy High St, right next door to a 'non-standard' salon... I open 11th August and can't wait to let the fun begin!!!!

Good Luck - though you wont need it I promise you :D

Well I know Lynn Darling and she is just that!! A darling.

Kind, patient, knowledgeable, a past competition winner, and a great lady. She has tonnes of experience - she has been teaching for years - and I'm sure you will enjoy your course.

The insurance pack that you get with your student kit is the Professional Beauty Insurance and is the best value offered to new technicians in my opinion. It is not mandatory that you take out the insurance we suggest, but it is mandatory that you have insurance before we will sell you any more Creative products ... Just another little Creative rule to stop any uninsured technicians working on the public!!

We can't do much about what goes on in the industry with other company's policies, but we can regulate our own ... and we do.

Enjoy it ... don't stress ... learning something new is supposed to be fun!
Hi Dawn
Are you taking the creative course in Torquay or Plymouth?
I don't know Lynne Darling but a friend of mine did a creative couse last year and said she was brilliant.
I didn't know they did one in Torquay, If they do, where abouts?
Good look on your course
NailGlitz :D
Good luck new-to-nails,
You will have a brill time and and learn so much............

Good luck and have fun
love Ruth xxxxxxxx
Not sure where it is to be truthful NailGlitz. I was a bit disappointed yesterday when I had paid for the course, but the girls on the phone couldn't answer any of my questions, THIS being one one of them. Someone was supposed to phone me back...but didn't..so I have just handed over £205 and don't even know where I am going! :(
My boyfriend thinks I've been 'had'!!! ;)
When I find out...I will let you know.
Nice to see someone on here just down the road from me.

I think you'll find the creative course is held in Plymouth, I wanted to do one of their courses but problems with the car threw that idea out :( . I have just completed the EN gel course resulting in 90%pass with a distinction :D and a one day Beautiful Nails acrylic course (really naff) :evil: . So now I have decided to do the NVQ3 at college. Then I hope to do the creative courses. :D
From what I have heard of the creative courses you'll be taught by the best so lots of luck and enjoy :p
That's a bit of pain (problems with car I mean) because the course is definately Torquay which would be easy for you to get to! Perhaps it's a new one. I had a choice of Plymouth, Plymouth West, Taunton, Truro or Torquay!
Will have to wait till Monday to find out! :(
new-to-nails said:
I was a bit disappointed yesterday when I had paid for the course, but the girls on the phone couldn't answer any of my questions, THIS being one one of them. Someone was supposed to phone me back...but didn't..so I have just handed over £205 and don't even know where I am going!

This REALLY concerns me :shock: Who did you speak to and where :?: I can't imagine any of the girls in the Academy Sales Dept not being able to answer a question - they do this all the time!! Please let me know where you made your calls!! ;)
Private Message on its way now!!!!
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