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Mar 10, 2009
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Hi Guys

Peeps opinion on here seems to be that its ok to buy these on Ebay which would be great as they are a couple hundred quid cheaper than say Carlton or Skinmate.

Anyways, my question - Is there anything I should look out for or beware of in choosing one. I would like one that doubles as a sterilliser but are there do's and don'ts regarding my choice.

Surely there must be a reason that brand ones are soooo expensive??

Thanks Guys
I've bought 2 off ebay and love them. Think I paid about £70-80.

what I would say is choose your size carefully. I have the 2 shelf one and did consider getting the bigger one but am glad I chose the one I did.

Its the size of a small microwave and I use one shelf for steaming mitts and the other for heating things up or for a wheatbag.
I bought one from ebay and I like it.
I only use it for towels and mitts, so it doesn't need to sterilise anything.

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