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Jan 28, 2003
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As an attendee at the Super Sonic Sculpting seminar at Olympia when it came to question time, I could not think of a single thing to ask .. what a surprise! However, something has cropped up that one of my friends asked me .. again, not something I thought of!!! If a person has cold hands, or for that matter very warm hands on a hot/cold day. Will this affect the ratio used for L&P? If there is a technique, other than practice of course, can someone let me know how to deal with this type of problem as obviously, it won't apply to every client. :?:
As I'm fresh back from my conversion course, we were told that the hotter the weather the more liquid we would need (as it would set quicker) and vice versa. Not really been doing l+p for that long so I'll have to wait and see what happens!
:king: thanks. Yes, I know about the hot/cold weather ratios changes but, what if your client's hands are extremely hot/cold would that affect the ratio too? I am new to L&P too so am still in the practising stage at the moment time permitting. Just seemed a good question to find out the answer for!!!!
I think the same applies for your clients hands too. I had a lady who's hands were really cold and I couldn't understand why the l+p was crystallizing!!!!
For the most part... this has very little effect on the ratio or workability of systems.

Unless you are using a system that can crystallize.

I would still try to assure that the plate temperature is normal... it helps with the workability... but thats about it. :spidey:
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