How are you getting on with Brisa?


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Oct 19, 2003
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Notts/Derbys Border
Just wondering how those of you that managed to get your hands on the new Brisa, are finding using it?

I'm a CND tech, used L&P for 10 years and really wanna go on the Brisa training, just wondering if there are any other L&P techs out there that have used/tried long does it take to 'get out the L&P habit' when applying gel.

Looking for some honest feedback please??? :D :D :D

Thanks in advance!!

Jenny - Nails :biggrin:
I love it, love it, love it.........but I can`t answer your question about getting out of L&P habit as I struggle with L&P anyway and gel has always been my baby.
I will say though, learning pink and white in L&P helped me to do pink and white in gel cos before I did a creative course I always shied away from pink and white in any system. Lets face it I shied away from L&P full stop.......
So Creative, and Brisa, my two top things in life at mo
Well I am a 99% Liquid/powder user and have treated learning with Brisa as a whole new ball game. New techniques don't mean you 'get out of the habit of doing the old ones' it just means that you tackle a new product in a completely new way. With a fresh approach and a new atitude.

If you like learning, you will love learning something new. And I wouldn't give anything else but honest feedback!
Well, I've booked my Brisa training, will be doing it May 9th with Trish Shaw at Nottingham.

Really looking forward to learning something new and getting my hands on the new Brisa!!!

I've heard such positive feedback re. Brisa, I'm really excited and can't wait until May 9th!!!

Thanks guys

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