How do I get into aesthetics help?


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Nov 25, 2013
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Hi guys, looking to get into the aesthetic industry and hav no idea how todo this!! Nearly finished level 3 beauty and currently do non surgical inch loss using ultra sound which is great! Would like to do more though and not sure where to go?? Would a beauty management course help?! Anyone got any tips on how to get in this industry as I know you have to be a nurse to administer Botox Ect! Literally searched all of google for answers but nothing!! Someone help :(!!! Xx
Not many people get into aesthetics so you'd definitely have a niche there.

I think some level four beauty qualifications include units on laser and advanced electrolysis so this could be well worth looking into.
Yeah it's been hard to find info on it and when I do it's about nurses! Yeah I'm looking into a beauty management course, but need to find out how much you learn about laser Ect!! Thank you x
Hi if you look at mapperly park laser training non healthcare staff can only do hair removal. Some lower strength skin peels can be administered by beauty therapists other than that the higher level peels, botox, fillers etc you need to be nurse, doctor or dentist.

Are you thinking of a particular area of aesthetics as some of the big companies employ both beauty therapists and nurses to do different treatments appropriately.

I think skin employ beauty therapists.
Hope that helps :)
Do you know whether they employ from level 3 beauty or do you need other qualifications? Not sure they would employ someone with little experience in the aesthetic side?! Thank you for the info though!! X
I'm not sure but I've had some clients go to skin and have some treatments by beauty therapists.

Sometimes the boundaries are blurred and clients need both. Try emailing them or look on thier website for more info. It's just one of many huge companies to try, I think the beauty therapists do the skin analysis with woods lamp and sales of cosmeceuticals.

Good luck

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