How do i get to prof beauty show


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May 19, 2003
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North East
hey everyone

i have finally decided to go to the professonal beauty show in march, (my 1st ever show, cant wait)

i talked my friend into coming with me, and we were thinking of driving down, but the thing is it will take us about 6hrs to get there, and my firend is a new driver so im scared incase we get lost.

so i was thinking of getting a train down, which would stop at kings cross, but i need to know how far the show is from here, and how i would get there etc?

any info would be greatly appreciated.
If you go to the professional beauty website it has all the directions on the site for if you are driving or going by train and hotel details if you want to stay over,
there are usually signs for it all along the roadsides too once you get somewhere near so you shouldn't lost as long as you get somewhere near hth

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