How do I tell clients I only do Gels?


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Jan 2, 2010
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At my salon, I am a gel nail technician, so I only work with gel and shellac clients.

The salon I work at is short on manicurists so on Saturday/Sunday I'm on my own. It sounds bad, but I hardly ever get clients that want a natural mani/pedi so it's not a real big problem.

However, sometimes I DO get a client that wants one. I COULD do it, but the reason I don't want to is because I don't get paid the same way a manicurist does. A manicurist gets paid a daily wage. I only get paid by commission.

It takes me an hour to do a mani, and an hour to do a gel overlay. If I get a walk in client who wants gel nails and I'm doing a manicure, I lose out on profit.

How do I tell clients that I only do gels without having to say "mani/pedis don't make me much money, so no I don't want to"? :eek:
Don't say "I only do gel's " say " I specialize in gels" then recomend some one who specializes in natral nail care :) (they might sent there people to you to)
Yes it does sound a lot better to say that you specialise in Gel, but I'd be looking at this another way.

You're basically turning away a potential Client... yes she may ask for a Mani or Pedi, but I'm sure if you explain to her about Shellac, she'd go for that instead... I know I would.

A high gloss finish with zero dry time that won't chip or smudge and will last for 2 weeks... she'll be eyeing up your Shellac colours before you know it :lol:
if a mani only takes half hour why are you worried ??? surly if they want gel nails that bad they will wait !!!

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