How do you know which is quality hair for your hair extensions ?


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Apr 8, 2007
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Hi everyone ,

We mostly use Virgin European it comes in bundles and we bond it ourselves ,
the hair is totally reusable for as long as you want it to be,
obviously the bond is snipped off so you tend to lose a bit of length each time

We have done extensive research on hair from lots of company's
and we found that Virgin Russian and European Hair is the Rolls Royce of human hair for hair extensions ,
although it is very expensive.

Virgin hair has not been put in acid vats
and the quality can be tested by running a wet finger and thumb up and down the hair , You will find the cuticle all intact and will feel a squeaky noise like you do when you shampoo your own hair ,

this shows hair has not been muddled it root to point correct, and can be treated as you would your own hair,

if you buy hair that hair feels smooth and silky both ways (up and down the hair ) when you do the finger test , you will know that this hair has been treated in acid baths or with silicone or both ,
this hair may be great at first but may also go matted very soon when the silicone wears off ,
This hair may have been collected from brushes known as hair fall ,
the women from far away villages collect it for income ,
This hair is very muddled up and is not laying root to point correct
therefore they have to take away the cuticle of this hair buy putting it into big acid vats to take away the cuticle as they cannot sort it out once it is muddled,

They then coat it with silicone to restore shine and put a coating back on each hair so you can comb it again ,
some hair like this is ok other hair like this can be a nightmare once that silicon wears off ,
I know which I prefer ,

Another brand that a lot of people seem to like and recommend is the Celebrity Elite but I myself
have not tried it as yet .

I also thought that if any other geeks could tell us about their best hair types that they like to use for their hair extensions and the type they use for their methods,
it would be very helpful to any hair geeks out here who are wondering about what hair quality to buy for their hair extensions, :hug:

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hmmm I know mane connection from awhile back. They do fab (and affordable) courses and they hair is of a good standard. My friend uses it and rates it, very cheap cost wise if I remember, which means great profit for the salon.

I am, as you know ;), a total Balmain devotee, I love my double hair and dont think I would want to go back to the back breaking individuals, getting too old for that now :)
Howdy, sopjisticutz , I know what you mean about the back breaking individual method ,
we use different types of best quality hair and it works out price wise for the individuals around a similar price to the balmain hair after bonding ect ,

It may even work out just a little more expensive than Balmain , but this would depend on what type of hair you choose what colour, and what lengths, ect,

There are quite a few different types of hair all of which range in different prices,
Personally I prefer the European virgin remi hair which does not come cheap, (wish it did)

The Balmain double hair certainly looks fab
and it seems so lightweight and looks so quick and easy to apply,
I shall definitely have to give it a go :hug: x

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