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Nov 6, 2005
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I was just wondering what you do on a Spa Manicure or Pedicure different (apart from the actual products you use) to your standard treatments ? I am looking for ideas to make these services more special, to entice my customers to take them instead of a regular mani or pedi ? Any advice would be appreciated:)
On my price list I emphasize the massage with both these treatments, the relaxation and pampering. With my standard mani/pedi I don't include massage.
I always have some candles lite, lighting lower and offer a vino to those that aren't driving
:) when i was workin in a friends salon at x mas a few years ago i made up some cranberry with lemonade and fresh fruit in them with a little drop of asti in it if they fancyed it with suger coated glasses .. or fruit n a choc fountian... ohhhh yummy ... :lol: xxx lol
when I did my spa training the educator suggested some flowers (real or fake) on the towel when the client enters the room, maybe some oils or fragrances burning, soft music and put something in your soaking bowls for them to play with, which aslo helps to exfoliate the hands. Wilkinsons do some plastic crystal things which you usually use to set up candles with that can be washed and sterlised in boiling water!
We only have the spa treatments on our service menu or a file and polish. We only offer something in between if people ask, and it's more because they can't afford the time than the money. Once clients have had the full works they don't want anything else, it really is a lush treatment!
Thanks for your thoughts guys, I will get my thinking cap on now! I wish I had only offered Spa Treatments in the first place too Sass, it would make life alot simpler, but they are always counting the pennies down here, but I do think you get alot more for your money on the Spa Treatments. In Sept I am going to do a special offer to try and introduce more customers to them, and see if that helps!:)
Duh! Just noticed you are in Spain! We call ours a luxury spapedicure and when people ask we say it is 90 minutes of pure heaven! Doesn't take much convincing after that ... we don't even mention the price unless they ask!

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