How do you remove semi-permanant lashes?


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Apr 3, 2010
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Hi all as the title says how do you all go about removing lashes we werent taught this on the training & ive got someone who wants them removing - am thinking to use cotton buds or microsticks & stroke down the lash but do you use the pads underneath & do any of you use cotton pads ??

Btw i have got adhesive remover & obviously will use that :)
Ok I always use the pads to ensure I can really get to the lashes that need removing, place your pads on to separate lashes then you can use microbrushes to stroke on the remover do one eye and then the other and back to the first eye the lashes should come off easily between Both micro brushes. I go through quite a few for a removal.
Take care not to use too much remover if its a liquid one it gets in the eyes if too much has been used the gel removers tend not to run.
Sonetimes it may be best to leave the remover to work into the bonds for a couple of minutes so the lashes come away easily.

Afterwards I always cleanse clients eyes with eye makeup remover and a little soothing eye creme of I'm not replacing the lashes. If I am replacing lashes u do removal cleanse the lashes and apply primer then apply new set

Hope that helps x
that helps loads thankyou xx

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