How do you train a new brush??


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May 12, 2004
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Derby, England.
Hi all,

Just ordered my Prostyler brush from designer nails (after my recent dog chewing incident).

When it arrives, what's the best way to train it??

I know i read something about this before - but i cant seem to find the thread (it just comes up with nail training:confused: )

Thanks in advance


Quoting from the packaging of the brush,

The brush it coated with an 'arabian gum', to protect it during shipping, to remove, use a fibre free towel to spread the hairs and gently break the stiffness. Rock the hairs from side to side until coating is free from brush.

To shape and train saturate it in monomer and glide it through a plastic backed pad in a taper, repeat to guide any flared hairs back into taper.

If anyone can simplify this as Im also new to this brush it'll be of great help, I wanna play lol
Hi guys

OK - so your new brush arrives!! I'll explain a bit more about the info you get on the back of the brush card.

Basically, so that the hairs remain safe in transit, they are dipped into a kind of starch. They are stiff as a board when you take the plastic tube off!! You will need to break this down otherwise it will contaminate your liquid (monomer) and cause all sorts of hair do problems with your brush!! Take a lint free pad (not fluffy cotton wool!!) and "break down" the stiffness by gently spreading the hairs. Once loosened you can then dip your brush entirely into liquid (monomer) to completely saturate the hairs and train it into a nice paddle shape so that it is easy to work with. Remember to discard this liquid and fill up with fresh to start work.

Have fun!
Thanks Amanda, you made it nice and easy for me to understand, im off to play.
Sarah Lou said:
Thanks Amanda, you made it nice and easy for me to understand, im off to play.
Yeah thanks Amanda, that definitley made things a lot clearer.


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