How long does it take everyone to fit a full head of extensions?


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Aug 13, 2014
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Just curious to how long it takes you to fit a full head of bonds? It takes me around 5-6 hours and I always see people saying it takes them like 2 hours on facebook etc.
I've been doing them for a year and a half nearly so it's not like I'm new I must just be really slow?[emoji30]
For a full head of 18-20" (usually 180-220 strands) it takes me about 3 hours all in including proper cutting and styling. For a full head of 14-16" maybe 2.5hours as I use less of these. That's been me doing them almost daily for about 6 years though xxx
Maximum 3 hours including cut and style xx
2 & a half - 3 hrs including styling xx
It usually takes me around 2 hours to fit 150 bonds and 2.5 hours for 200 bonds if there's not too many stops, it can depend on the set up though as if I go to the client sometimes the set up isn't ideal so its not as easy to fit them so quickly.
A set up where you have everything to hand will save you time but it's not always possible if you go to clients. X
About 2 and 1/2 to 3 hours x
It takes me around 2 hours to apply micro rings and 2.5 to apply pre-bonded.I use hairdressers belt for my tools, this helps a lot.You will get quicker with time.
Thank you for all your replies ladies! I'm clearly just very slow lol took me 5 hours last night to fit a full head [emoji85] oh well! I'll have to get one of those little belts X
For my first set of nano rings it took me 5 hours! but that was including tea breaks, chatting etc!
Yeah well I'm friendly with this girl so we had smoke breaks and were very chatty as well. Oh well I'd rather take my time lol x
Usually 2.5hours.

I get days when if im feeling tired I can't seem to fit them as quickly and other days when the time flies and I wizz through appointments. X
I don't know why but my timings vary massively. A week ago I fitted 140 stick tips and from starting to her leaving was 4 hours. That included cut & styling. Fitted 150 this evening and she was in & out in 2 & 1/2 hours after the full works. Think it depends how my days gone! [emoji23]

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