How long for acrylic nails?


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Nov 10, 2013
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How long does it take you to do acrylic nails?
Anything between 1 hour and1.5 depending on what they want ect
Im only new (ive done about 15 full sets) and ut takes me between 2 hrs and 2hrs 30mind
I've just graduated nail school and it takes me an hour, sometimes hour and a half.
I apply tips first and overlay with acrylic. It's early days for me as I qualified in october but it's taking me about an hour to get the tips on, blended and shaped and then can take around 1.5 hours for acrylic
This really is a bit like asking how long a piece of string is.

It all depends on the design i am creating, weather i am tipping and overlaying , sculpting,if the client is a nail biter...if i am sculpting with acrylic glitter producing a fade...If i am creating 3D acrylic designs...

But in general if you are referring to a full set of pink and white french,thats with white powder and not cheap nasty plastic white tips...1 and half leisure.If i have a busy diary and am working under pressure i can do this in a hour.I have been known to do a infill/rebalance in 40 minutes..but then i have been doing this for 10 years now

For a newbie/ graduate its quite normal to take up to two hours.The more nails you do,back to back in a salon environment the naturally quicker you will become. As a salon owner for me its important for my staff to create a beautiful set of nails,in proportion with out compromising on health and safety as opposed to a "quick" set of nails.Its all about quality not quantity at first.

A decent salon/owner should take into consideration your experience and book you out accordingly...eventually your times will reduce.
Thank you everyone for your replies! I'm also a newbie and feel a bit panicked that my acrylics take me about 2 hours but now I know that's normal, it'll just practice more!
My first few sets took 3 1/2 hrs, so im happy to be @ 2 - 2 1/2 lol
My first set took me 3 hours, that was a few years ago now.
These days it never takes longer than 1 hour 15 and I'm happy with that

Laura xx
I think my set took me about 3 hours!! That's because I had a really bit picky boss! Now after practice it takes me about an hour and 15 minutes!!
It's just remembering when you have enough acrylic on the nail to leave it... My old boss used to like me to do them extra thick! Horrid! X

Nicola! Xxx
I'm quiet slow :( but 90% of my clients are gel polish, which I can do in 30mins.

For a new set of extensions natural/French it takes me 1hr 30. However most of my clients have natural extensions with shellac over the top. This takes 2hrs.

For a basic infill it takes 45 mins but if I have to remove shellac, infill and re shellac it takes 1hr 30. I'm hoping I can get quicker without cutting corners. I only do less than 5 nail extensions per week so that's probably why. Xx

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