How many of you offer ear piecing?


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Oct 4, 2011
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As the post say how many of you offer this service? How much custom do you get?
The girl I work with does.. I've been there a year and seen her do a maximum of five... Generally on little babies which I hate listening to the crying :(

I offer it, I trained in march and have done about 18 since, had a lot of enquiries to, im the only one to offers it in my area as well
I trained back in dec last year & did my first one yesterday!!! And only one ear on an 8 yr old boy x personally I won't do a child who doesn't understand what's going to happen so I've put only price list from the age of 5 because of insurance reasons. Saves me having to argue with a mother who wants their babies ears pierced x
I used to do it and was fairly busy, especially in the summer, with the 6 week holidays. However, that was when my council told me there was no fee. Now there is and it is too much for me to bother with, plus i didn't really like piercing.

Check with your local council before you start offering because you will probably need a license. I had to purchase a license for the building and also pay per person performing the piercing xx
I do earpiercing with the caflon blue system so only on the earlobes! It's not the most popular thing I do but is worth doing. I always get a run of clients at the end of the summer term so their ears can heal over the 6 weeks summer holidays. There's actually no minimum age by law but I personally wouldn't want to pierce a baby's ears! They wouldn't keep still to get it even for a start and it hurts!you really do need to know you want it done!!
I trained over a year ago and have not done 1, had an enquiry to do a baby but I said no.
Just something I have seen about the training there is no one around us that does it and people do have to travel into the city centre and pay claires accessories prices!
How much do you charge? I am going to look about a licence.
I charge £17 that includes the piercing studs and aftercare solution. I have got a few choices of studs with different coloured stones. They are quite pretty. I get them from Ellisons but you can get them from Sally's, capital etc. I did my training at capital but that was nearly 14 years ago!!
Trained in march last year and have done maybe 4 people. Youngest one was four years old. Had to refuse one last week as the person was 14 with no adult or a letter of consent! :)

Jurate xx
I charge £16. I turned someone away last week as well due to the mother wanted it done but the 4 year old didn't so I wasn't happy to do it

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