How many times in one night have you painted your nails?


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May 31, 2012
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I have a hen nite tommorow nite and I have painted my nails 6 times before I am happy with the colour am I just weird or has anyone else done the same thing? X
You're not alone! My nan's funeral was today and I changed my nails 13 times ( just regular polish) in the last two days lol x
Oh sorry to hear of ur loss Hun xxx
Sorry fee for your loss x

I'm on second polish of the night, didn't like the first colour x
I did mine with shellac today, but am not happy with them. I will be changing them tomorrow.
So glad in not the only one x
I think my record is about 6 or 7.
Sometimes it just doesn't come out how I want. All that polish remover cant be good for the nails lol
I know luckily I work with food all week so only wear polish to go out with so not quite so bad and I slapped on the oil once they were right dry lol x
Omg I'm awful I'll do my nails several times before I'm ok with it... Then decide I have to be 100% happy so change it again! :/ xx
I am terrible with changing my nails, im so fussy
sorry for your loss fee,

i wish i had time to do my nails that many times lol, i am indecisive when doing my own but tend to just stick with whatever i pick for at least a week or so x

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