How much did you charge when training in eyelash extensions?


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Nov 15, 2008
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.. just wondered what is a fair price to charge when still building up speed for applying eyelash extensions
also how long was it before you started to charge the full amt?
many thanks
i would like to know this too. I have my training on friday :)
I was advised £20.00 towards costs, if you want to see the reponses, key into the search: : Charging Models - lash extensions

Shel x
I think this is a totaly personal choice. When I trained I was so slow that I couldnt warrant charging anyone! After I had done about 20 sets, I started charging £30 a set for about another 20-25 sets. Basicaly, I didnt charge full price until my work was at a good standard. xx
Im charging £20 at the moment until my speed is up to scratch and it seems to get people more ineterested in having it done, so you get them hooked then when you up your prices they wont care lol :)
Mine are at half price at the moment. It takes me approximately 2hrs to apply a full set of about 30-40 lashes per eye. Once i'm upto speed and my technique's improved i'll charge full price.
I charged 10 people £10, then put my prices up to what I now charge x

As far as I know as soon as you charge for lashes, you are in a contractual agreement with the person to provide them with a service. So, while you are training, you should practice on friends until you get your certificate. Once you have that, you have to get insured, I recommend the guild of beauty professionals. When you first start off, you can explore the competition and the demographics in your area. You can offer an introductory price for a fixed time (one month?) to get things going and then change over to full price. The price also depends on wether you are in a salon or a mobile tech. I would not go lower than £40-50 for an intro price and no less than £60 thereafter.
I hope this helps :)

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