How Much Time Between Appointments ?


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Mar 4, 2004
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Hi all

Could you please advise how long you leave free between your appointments and if this is different depending on the service you are performing? (full set, infils, rebalancing, manicure, pedicure etc)

Intially i was thinking 30 minutes and wasnt sure if this was not long enough in case of overruns and people turning up with not quite what they had booked ! but then i was thinking 45 mins is far too long, thats almost an hour out of your day and you could lose half a day if you have 4 clients ?!!

is 30mins too long too ?

Thanks in advance for any help and advice you can offer me

Hi Karren

I tend to leave 15 minutes between appointments. I do this because sometimes i have infills booked in and then my client ask's for nail art or nails have to be replaced (nothing worse then rushing). I found 30 minutes too long.

Once you get to know your clients that normally gives you a better idea on timing....good luck :biggrin:


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I always allow 15 mins between all appointments.
As Vicky allows you the freedom to complete the service without rushing it! It sort of allows for eventualities, such as latecomers, additional add on treatments such as nail art, repairs etc... too!
If you do finish in the alloted time.......15 mins is enough time to just have a quick drink or wotnot before next client arrives!

It works for me.
Actually I used to leave no time between appointments, but a half hour for lunch (which I never got).

Clients were advised that if they wanted extras (in the way of new nails or nail art) they had to book it in. If they were late to an appointment, then I could only do what I could do in the time available and they might have had to go without enamel after a rebalance because of it. I was never late for my clients (Because I didn't allow myself to be) and I told my clients I did not expect them to be late for me. It has to work both ways.

Now to all of you very accommodating types out there this may seem harsh, but actually, it taught my clients to do what we all do for any other type of appointment, which is to ask for what you want up front!! Would you go to a hairdresser for a wash and Blow Dry and then ask for some highlights and expect her to leave 30 minutes free between every apointment in case this happened??

I saw minimum of 8 clients per day every day and sometimes fitted in a few repairs as well (this is where lunch went). NOw you may not be up to that speed yet, but it's time to 'get into training' for when you are. You simply cannot forget that you are the professsional and these clients are paying for your time. They have to tell you what hey want up front, and they have to be on time ... this is how you make a living!
I think it all depends on your situation - if you work in a salon and are working wall to wall clients then having 30 mins between each is probably at least another few customers.

I have been looking at this very thing recently and came to the conclusion that if I booked everyone in for their appointments with no time in between then if say I had a manicure booked and she cancelled and I had only allowed 45 mins to 1 hr then I would be hard pushed to replace her with anything other than a manicure.

I am not yet at the point where I am turning people away in the day time so I always allow myself the luxury of approx 30 mins between clients.

It depends on your situation - there are no definate right or wrongs with this I don't think - it is best to choose which works for you - if you get into the situation where you are working flat out and have no "wee" breaks then you may burn out LOL.
Thank you all for your replies. I will be working from home when i have finished my training and this is going to help me "start as i mean to go on" .... hopefully.

thanks again, very helpful as always

15 minutes is well and truley enough if you allocate the correct amout of time for the treatment,
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