How soon is too soon for your own nail bar?


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TLC Lisa

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Jun 5, 2012
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Just wondered what others thoughts were on this topic.

Had a new client yesterday who asked when I was intending to open my own nail bar. I work mobile at present and with my daughter being in morning nursery this is perfect for me at the moment to gain experience etc. (have thought about applying for a position in a salon as a nail tech for in salon experience when my daughter is in full
Time school next year) I have been working In the nail industry for nearly 2 years and absolutely love it. I'm constantly updating my skills and researching to keep up with current trends etc. however, where I live is a small town and consists of approx 5 nail and beauty bars, 4 Indian restaurants , 3 Chinese restaurants and 4 pizza kebab houses and 4 local pubs lol xx
As my response to this was I'm happy being mobile at present and being as there already 5 nail bars in the village I would not set up a new business so close to where I live and look further afield, her reply was that I will never get anywhere with that attitude. I did not know what to

Your thoughts lol xx
If you are happy to work mobile then carry on. Don't let what one customer said put you off or upset you.

Do the other nail bars offer just nails or do they have other beauty treatments too? x
The 'attitude' to which your client was referring to is called a REALISTIC ATTITUDE. Ignore her, clearly a know it all! x
Thank you for your replies there's 2 which are purely nail bars and 3 which offer beauty treatments too which have been up and running for the past 8 years +

Again thank you for the replies sometimes I do think 'is it me?' ;-) xx
Nobody will know what works best for you other than yourself xx
How many people do nails in your small town? Does the 5 nails bars get constant clients?. Because is good to have your own business, but is also good to know were you can put this business. If you put a nail bar you need to calculate all the spendings (rent, products, energy, phone, etc) and how many people could visit you for your earnings, if you think you,re going to spend more than what you,re going to earn, is not worth it keep yourself being mobile.

Attitude is one thing, but also being realistic is even more intelligent.

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