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Anna from Toronto

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Jan 11, 2003
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Toronto, Canada
As some of you know I do gels but I'm also curious about L&P....and started playing with it. I was looking for a nice slow setting system...but you know what? So far I like working with Retention and Perfect Powders the best :D

Anyway, I have a question.
So many clients say that they like gel because gel nails are thinner then L&P. Also thats how some companies advertize gel. But the nail is as thick as you make it. :idea:
I do the average gel nail about 2-3 businnes cards thick at the free edge (including the natural nail) and about 3-4 at the stress area.

How thick, or thin ;) do you make your nails? Do you make gel thinner or L&P thinner, or both the same??
Thinness is really an illusion that one can create just by keeping the free edge very thin. The rest of the nail - provided you don't go overboard of course - can be thicker whilst still retaining the thin look at the FE and then the whole thing looks thin.

I have always done the FE very thin - looking at a bunch of business cards now :D - perhaps two cards at the FE - . Only on 1 or 2 clients have I ever had to go thicker because of them constantly having their fingertips in their mouths and 'squeezing' the nails with their teeth, and breaking them.

If the nail is well balanced, then that is where the strength will lie and not in whether or not the nails are thick or thin. Balance is the key. By this, just to clarify, I mean that the stress area must of course always be that little bit thicker and taper off in to nothing at the cuticle. Which you know anyway. Sometimes with maintenance, the technician looses sight of the balance, and then the troubles start.

If you are working with one of the stronger gels (which I think you are) there should not be too much difference between the two. I would say you could go marginally thinner with the Retention+ than with your gel, and be perfectly alright.
Thank you so much Geeg :D
Like you mentioned, I always do rebalances never "fills", and I put the thicker part about in the middle of the nail (in the middle of cuticle to free edge)...this looks "lighter", then putting the thickest part at the smile line (especially when the nails are shorter like 1/4 extention)....

I'm looking forward to other tech's posts :)
Sawsdee ka

my shop have tourist so i see many lady from another countrys and if lady come my salon i always look there nails if they come make hair i do same i if them have enhancement ask them what them are and where them do the nail so i can look and how much them pay money .

I see many many nail not same some very big some big and some beautifull and some very beautifull 1 lady she come shop she from france and she have a very beautifull nail she speak with perminent french gel.

In different part of the world i see many japan nail and them make with l&p and speak ezflow and creative but in singapore many lady have gel and ladys she speak in sg customer 90 per cent have gel only 10 per cent an other system .

Kop khun ka mui ka
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