How to cut long men's hair without it looking girly?


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Apr 17, 2013
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My brother is a nightmare. He has long wavy hair & likes to have layers. He came to mine today & asked me to cut his hair he wanted about an inch of the length & his layers cut into. So I did what he asked & then complained that I cut his hair like a girls hair cut. I laughed & said well how else do I cut long hair considering I'm a ladies hairdresser. In the end I cut another 3 inches off the length taking upto his shoulders. He was happy with this saying he looked less girly. How do I cut his hair to look manly lol.
Typically I cut into the framing really deep but keeping the starting point of the framing low. On top, I layer at 90 degrees. Weightlines cause mens cuts to look manlier. How did you do it? Do you have a pic?
Also if you look at pics of mens cuts yoy can see that their framing is long but really open at the jaw.
Sorry no pics. I did layer at 90 degrees . He has a slight wave in his hair & his hair naturally flicks out . He has the most lovely hair I do think when the hair flicks out it does look a lot more feminine from the back. He is very fussy & hasn't really come across anybody that cuts it how he likes. He went to a barbers once & got told they couldn't cut it for him & when he goes to a ladies hairdressers he gets the funniest looks.. He did say I did a really good job if it was for a lady lol. Then as he was leaving he said he will only get me to cut it from now on.
I had a guy asking the same thing a few months back, his hair was just above his shoulders, I layered it and heavily texturised it .. If you google images on the 1980's rock bands you will see the same effects, ( without the mullets tho lol)
My husband has 'longer' hair, it is very difficult to make it 'manly' :rolleyes: . I try and make him look like Johnny Depp? that image helps me anyway :biggrin:
Years ago I had a gent in who had hair down to the middle off his back, I explained I only cut ladies hair an he said well I want a ladies style and proceeded to show me a picture of his mothers hair! I cut it just like the picture, with feminine layers up to his shoulders, he was very happy with it lol, each to their own 😄
Long hair feels feminine anyways. Maybe irs his insecurity.
I'd cut at 90 degrees using heavy texturizing & point cutting.
Stick to squarer shapes and stay away from the rounded layers

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