how to keep airbrush on natural nails?


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Jan 29, 2003
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Hi, I have a lot of clients getting french airbrushed on their natural nails but it just doesn't stay long. I have tried using a base coat and not using a base, I have tried a top for airbrush and U2 uv. The only thing that seems to make it last is young nails gel, but that has to filed off and most clients don't want that. Help!!! PLEASE!!! Traci
Hi Traci,

Try using acrylic primer on the natural nail first, underneath the base coat. I do this and it seems to help a little. Also, make sure the client knows to apply regular coats of top coat, especially on the free edge.

Which top coat are you using? I use Melle's (All Things Nails) top coat and it seems to last longer than others I've tried.

Hi, I use medea's top coat for airbrushing. I also sometimes use a uv, its U2 from Supply Source. thanks Traci
Hi ya girls,
Why not try, scrubfreshing the nailplate.................basecoat use toughen-up or stickey...and then airbrush your design.........then seal with Faze2....
You can apply Faze2 direct onto the airbrushing as long as it is only airbrush acrylic paint and not enamel................
Faze2 will be acetone and polish remover proof and will need just a buff to be removed..................

love Ruth xxx
try as Ruth said scrubfreshing the nailplate, then using a natural nails base coat (always works on my clients with over greasy nail plates) When topcoating always swipe the brush along the fre edge to seel the design, then recomend that your client applys a coat every day. My ladies manage to keep it on for 7-10 days
Have a Very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year[/b]
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