How to put a vision into words?


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Dec 9, 2007
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Richmond BC
Hi, im an esthetician and I need help putting my vision into words for my stylist.

I'm in the beauty industry, therefore as you might guess I'm a very dynamic person. I like my hair to reflect my personality and to turn some heads.

Everytime I go to a stylist and try and explain to them what I'd like, they always tone it down. I need some help explaining this style to a hairdresser.

I would like my entire head a cool ash-brown, (from a warmer auburn brown). PS: my hair is probably breast length. Then maybe in a second visit I'd like Light-ash blonde highlights, but VERY chunky, a little bit un-even and modern looking. Maybe with side bangs and a big chunky one right in the bangs.

I don't want this to be interpreted as a "natural" look by my stylist. Can anyone envision what im talking about or find a picture? What should I say to avoid being dissapointed?

Thank you guys a ton! :)
Hi , I would try to do a drawing or get a friend who can draw
and take it with you , :hug:

I actually never thought of that, thats a really good idea.

Thanks minky :)
Unfortunately I can't answer your hair question, but I just wanted to say hi and welcome to the site.

I am not a hairdresser...
but in my opinion you put it into words fantastically...I can definitely visualise what you have maybe write it down exactly as you have put it here...take it along to your stylist and ask if they have any photo's of what you are wanting....then at least you will see from the photo's your stylist produces whether you are on the right track...!!!

On saying that...I am sure one of the hair geeks will be much more helpful and help you out...:lol:

Good luck xxx

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