Howdy! I'm back!


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..Beautifulnails..nice to see you on here again..Shame on You though...your pooor little cousin!!!!

My mum did a similar thing with my 3 year old son..who doesn't really understand Halloween....

She stood in a shop with a mask on and walked around to the front of his pushchair....His eyes were huge too...cos he knew it was Nanny's body..but NOT Nanny's head!!!!! :shock:


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May 12, 2003
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Hi all, I feel like I have been gone quite a while!

I hope you are all well? Work is hectic at the moment because I am covering in the shop for the lads and also trying to look after my own customers as well as sort things out for my new shop! AARRGGHHHH! :scram:

Anyway, it's all good experience! Hope you all had a Happy Halloween? I put on a black cloak and a purple hood with a blacked out face and a skeleton mask over it and walked into my front room. My little cousin was sat in there with the lights off watching T.V. I didn't say anything because I thought he knew it was me. He sat up straight in his chair and he froze, his eyes were huge! :shock:

:rofl: :rofl: I had to speak quickly and tell him it was me, to which he replied slowly "erm, yeh I knew it was!" (Yeh course you did babe! :D :D )

It was so funny, but now thinking about it I actually feel quite bad! :D I took him out trick or treating though so I made up for scaring him.

Beautiful Nails XxX
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