I am looking to retail mini nail enamels any ideas!


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Jul 5, 2007
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Hello, i would like to retail small size nail enamels a good quality brand, i like creative and spa ritual , anyone recommend a brand and where i can purchase little sizes thanks.:)
I think orly are going christmas minitures at the mo, it a lovely polish to use.
jessica do mini polish's
nail creation do small polishes £1.05 + VAT each 115 colours
Thanks for all the information, its a great help.:)
Mavala do minis, and v good quality
Yes Orly do minis, love them great to give to retail to clients and I also give them to clients if they are going away and need to take backup
Essie have mini's too.
OPI do some lovely minatures in gift boxes,usually in sets of 4 and based on many different themes.Pop in to your local Sally'sor speak to a rep.:green:
Color Club do minis
Most of the lines have mini.'s, whether its polish, files, oils.... I have found that mini's are good retail items places in "mini" totes...EX: mini xmas stockings with home maintenance items ( oils, buffer, etc)

Hope that this helps.. They make GREAT gifts and if you promo them with your gift certs they sell even better...

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