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any body know what to look under on ebay for one of these
Thanks everyone, i found the millenium site and the badges and i've had another look on ebay and found one there too so thanks i'm going to order it tonight, although i dont know when i'll get it coz of the postal strike.

see ya, Kelly.
well i've ordered my badge i decided on the ebay one as it was going to be the same price with p&p i've chosen the "nail technician" in gold & diamanties its lovely!!!!
thank u so very much i have been seaching ebay for ages no i am going boss eyed

if you search for Sparklesjewels on ebay they have a few at the moment,



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Oct 22, 2003
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West yorkshire
Please, please, please can someone tell me where i can get a "i do nails" diamanti brooch from does anyone know any websites etc i really want one to spice up my uniform.

thanks, Kelly.

ps. i've tryed ebay.
Hi there,
You can get the I do nails badges from millennium nails. In there catalogues they have the dimontie ones and some other designs too all very swish I must say.

Anyway the e-mail address is: [email protected]
Or you can telephone on order line 0800 169 6003
address is:
Millennium Nails limited
Millennium Court
Dukesway North
Team Valley
Tyne and Wear
NE11 0PZ

the prices range from £3.99 - £7.99 depending on which design but they definitely have the one with the dimontie
Hope this helps.

Ps so sorry can not spell the Dimond word and spell check does not know either sorry.

I got mine from Ebay, it has pink stones :D
There's a few on there for you to look at.

Good luck
Carrie xxx
hi jinxx

the web site for millenium nails is www.millennium-nails.com you can see the brooches on there

hope this helps :D
sorry forgot to say for some reason they are in the nail art bit :D :D
How i was so excited when i saw this website,i have been after nails brooch forever.Thanks P
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