I give up!!!


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May 12, 2004
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Derby, England.
I qualified in L&P in January using The Edge products and i still get lifting now!!

I've tried using an acid free primer and a normal primer (as in acid one), i've tried using a dehydrator before i apply primer, using a uv gel over the top of the acrylic in the vain hope that this might help but i'm still crap at it.

Everyone of my clients has some degree of lifting by the time they come back for a re-balance and the not so lucky ones are having lifting and tips falling off with the 1st week!!

What am i doing wrong??

I make sure the nail plate is free from any debris and lightly buffed, i apply cuticle remover after easing back the cuticle and then i clean it really well before i apply primer - which i do twice, but they still bloody lift.

I've mastered the art of the ratio mix and i've even rang up The Edge to check i was getting things right

I'm on the verge of giving up, i'm fine with gel and fibreglass, i just can't seem to get L&P right.

Please help

Em, i Have been doing nails for nearly 4 years and I still get lifting on one or two clients.

As you are relatively new to nails maybe you just need someone to watch your application - could you do a one to one with your trainer - it may be just as simple as not pressing the product on to the nail properly round the cuticle zone.

Don't give up after such a short time - if it is worth doing then it will take time to master your craft.
Hi hunny. Dont give up - i know its frustrating coz i only qualified in April! Have you thought of trying another L&P systems to give you a comparison? I've never used The Edge so i'm not criticising that but it might not be you. Did you keep in touch with anybody from your course? Maybe see how they are getting on or get them to watch you do an application. Do you make sure that you really dehydrate the nail thoroughly before applying primer? Also i used to get a lot of lift at the cuticle edge if i didnt think the product down enough. Hope this helps a bit.

Best of luck.
Thanks guys.

I'm doing an infill tonight (well i',m sure she's lost them all, so it's probably going tobe a full set!!).

I'm going to try a different L&P (ONS) and see if i get any different results. I'll also try and make sure that i pat down and see if that helps.

god i hope so, i feel awful doing peoples nails and they only last a couple of days.

I do gel on my own (IBD) and i never have any problems???


Let you know how i get on.xx

Sorry to hear of your problems - hang in there, we have all had teething problems at the start, it will come with practice, why dont you soak of your gels and get L & P on yourself? Its another set to practice on...and may be you could considering doing a 1-2-1 with and Edge educator, give them a call and discuss your concerns I am sure they will help you....I too had problems with lifting and 50% it was too close to the cuticle or not enought cuticle removal and the other 50% i was not pressing that product to give it the bond to the nail...hth...and dont give up, it will come..
I did my L&P training with The Edge system (UV acrylic) and I also struggled with it, especially the filing and buffing! Anyway I now use The Edge Quick Nail System which is still an acrylic system but instead of using the liquid and powder you use brush on resin and dip the nail in the acrylic powder. The finished result is very good and very stable. I have very little lifting or loss. You do infills just as you would for any other acrylic system, and the nails can last just as long as a set of "normal" L&P. I use it on myself and have no problems. I have kept the same set on until my own nails have grown too long underneath!!!

You could maybe try this system and see how you get on with it. They do a "Trial kit".
All the best

I also do L&P with Star nail products and have to say i still have teething problems, but lets face it if it was that simple everyone would be doing it. Just keep at it, it does take time but they are great when it all clicks.
Fab Freak said:

why dont you soak of your gels and get L & P on yourself?

Yeah i was thinking of doing that, just not sure how well i'll be able to do my other hand (if you know what i mean), gel's pretty forgiving in that way, plus it doesn't cure before i've had time to smooth it out.

I'll give it ago though, couse like you say it's another hand to practice on.

Thanks so much everyone for all your advise, whish me look later and i'll post again tomorow and let you know how i got on.

Good on ya Em
I teach all my courses using The Edge products, most students have trouble with lifting at the start, it takes a while for it all to "CLICK" By the time they do the advanced course 12 weeks later, most students have sorted it. Sounds like you are doing everything right, its just practice, lifting can also be caused by the nail tips to long, so check your length to.

You can email Leighton Denny as he is now the face of the Edge and is helping students/techs with any probs. Worth a shot if your having trouble.
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