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Jan 12, 2003
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:D Okay so now I've got your attention - can someone please advise me on the Filbert brushes. I've tried two artist suppliers and the smallest I've seen them is a size 4. This looks way too big for tiny petals. What size do you all use? I'm fed up with it taking me ages to do simple flowers because I'm using a fine detail :hit:
I like the #2 size, but just like shoes not everyone makes the same size #2. I got mine at Wally world it is made by Plaid. :salute:
I use the same one as Suzanne, #2 by Plaid from Wal-Mart. I haven't been able to find one any smaller. I would like to find at least one size smaller to make it easier to paint the smaller flowers.
hi glorsclaws

i am having the same problem can't find a filbert brush small enough if you find out where to get one from i would like to know also

hi everyone,
I have good news for you, they sell filberts in sizes 1 and 2 on this site http://www.kolinskyartbrushes.com/index.html
hope this is of help..... happy painting
don't forget to post some pic's ... susanne
Hi Suzanne, many thanks for the addy. I'll have no excuses now :D
I'm not in the least bit artistic and have only just recently heard of Filberts. So, no I know it's best to use a size 1 or 2 for nail art and where to get them from, but would you recommend sable, synthetic or bristle? Also, I've searched frantically on the 'net to get instructions (I'm a bit dim :oops: ) on how to use the brush to make pretty petals and leaves but can't find anything. :( Can anyone give a budding artist :!: a few tips please?

I use a regular acrylic paint bristle brush. To make the petals of a simple 5 petal flower I use the side of the filbert with the tip pointed in ward and pressing the tip first. Using the side of the brush you can then double load your brush one color on each side to give you some detail to the petals. You can also use the flat side to make flowers where the petals are a bit wider and can overlap giving you a fuller flower.
Hope this help you out. :flower:
Thanks Trina, I'll give that a go when I finally get around to buying one! :)
You can also use the flat side to make flowers where the petals are a bit wider and can overlap giving you a fuller flower.

What a good idea, I cant wait to give it a try, thanks for the tip :idea:
Your very welcome, anything to help. :flower:
Just a quickie for you UK girlies - try www.discountart.co.uk for Filbert brushes. They do a '0' one and sell them for £2.39 + p+p, but they are a british company so packaging probably will be cheaper.

hi all

my brushes came this morning from the site susanne told us about have not had time to try them yet but they are alot smaller than the ones i already have will let you know how i get on with them

:D :D :D :D
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