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Dec 7, 2003
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Hi everyone,

I really need a nice uniform for the salon. I'm having problems as I am quite petite, only 5ft.

I have just received an order from Buttercups in Ireland today but the tunic is too long for me but also makes me look like a dentist's assistant :sad:

Can anyone suggest a good supplier which may suit me or even better a shop anywhere in the UK where you can go in and try them on.

Your help is most appreciated.

Yvonne :lol:
i used to buy my uniforms from buttercups, but as the salon grew it got expensive!

i found a girl who now makes our uniforms to measure for £24.00 each. they're three quater length trousers and chinese style tops in red, but you can get any colour and different styles.

i'd look in the yellow pages for someone in your area who may be able to make one to suit you. the girl who does mine is in belfast so i don't think that would be to much use to you! :lol:

hope you get something sorted.

why dont you go to one of the nail shows the uniform people are usually there and you can try some on!!
I am only 5ft 2 its no fun being small. ;)
I am only 5ft 2 its no fun being small

I love being small 5 ft nothing thats me :)
and do i have FUN
Oh dear!!

i didnt mean any offence!!!!!!!! honest!!!!!!!!!
Betti Bow and Inline have some lovely designs......I think if you did a general search on whatever search engine you use I think you may find some info about them. If I can find some numbers in the morning ill post again with further details.
Im sure that others will have some favourites too! :)
I like em!
Thanks for all your comments girls.

I've ordered another style from Buttercups and you never know it might be a good fit on me.

I was having a facial on Friday and the Beautician was quite petite like me so I asked where she got her tunic and it was Inline London. So if Buttercups are no use I shall try Inline London.

Thanks again.

Yvonne ;)
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