I need help please, work in Leeds on Sunday for beauty therapy treatments & tanning


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Jul 31, 2005
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West Yorkshire
Hello there

Wondered if anyone qualified can help. PLEASEE!!

I'd booked into do a charity event in Leeds on Sunday in Shadwell at a pub where they are raising money for the NSPCC. Its from 12 - 6pm.

The table rent is £15 which will go to charity, everything else you make is yours to keep.

Unfortunately due to personal circumstances I cannot make it and am now looking for a replacement if anyone can help.

It has been highly publicised (sorry for spelling am tired!) and the lady has taken bookings for treatments.

I was going to do:

mini manicure/pedicure/Indian Head Massage at £7 for 15 minutes
spray tan for £20

If anyone would like to do this please can you get in touch.

You will be helping me by taking my place as well as the lady who has organised this well in advance. xx

Please PM me if you are interested

Many thanks
anyone? please??

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